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  • An excellent fitness center begins with high quality Fitness Equipments, but finally, it has to provide an excellent experience. The arrangement and place of your equipment can help take your clients' workouts to the next stage.

    Pro Body Line is a manufacturer of Premium Quality, heavy duty Commercial Fitness Equipments. We manufacture our own Commercial Treadmill Fitness Equipment in our own manufacturing plant located in India, backed by our 28 plus years of providing excellent quality within the Fitness Industry.

    Pro body line is a manufacturer of premium quality Commercial Fitness Equipments. We manufacture our own fitness equipment in our own manufacturing unit. Today, we maintain to be the #1 position in fitness equipment and Treadmill manufacturer industries in India. With numerous international distributors and customers, our passion for improvement and our pursuit of excellence is matchless by any other fitness-equipment manufacturer. We engage with professional fitness experts in every step of product development to assure user functionality and superior results.



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